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Sugar-Free Bakery

Sugar-Free Bakery: Healthy & Delicious Desserts 

There is nothing better than sharing delicious desserts with family and friends. If you’re trying to cut down on sugar, you don’t have to worry about cutting out sweets from your diet. At Num Gourmet Desserts, we have donuts, cookies, truffles, brownies, and much more, and they are sugar-free. With a few different ingredients, you will be able to continue sharing special moments with your loved ones.


Why Sugar-Free Goods?

Many advantages come with a sugar-free diet. One of them is that there’s a lower risk of illness. Sugar interferes with digestive health, as well as causing gas and bloating. Cutting sugar from your diet also helps you control hunger and cravings and will improve your energy levels. Another reason to eat sugar-free foods is that it enhances your mental clarity. Sugar causes inflammation and leads to memory loss and inability to concentrate. And of course, avoiding sugar helps maintain and lose weight.

To provide more options for people with diabetes, people on a keto lifestyle, and those looking to gain the benefits of a sugar-free lifestyle, we decided to create our delicious desserts. Because our desserts are sugar-free, they offer a low glycemic index to avoid sugar spikes and crashes.  

About The Sweeteners We Use

Sugar-free desserts don’t mean that they have to taste bitter or fake; we have the perfect sweeteners that do the trick. We use erythritol and Lakanto monk fruit sweeteners at our sugar-free bakery. Erythritol is all-natural; it tastes almost exactly like sugar and has zero calories. This sweetener will not spike your blood sugar. Monk fruit is natural, has zero calories, is sweeter than sugar, and is believed to have antioxidant properties. 

Order The Best Sugar-Free Baked Goods Online

If you are ready to taste the best sugar-free desserts out there, Num Gourmet Desserts is prepared to ship your fresh baked goods. You can order our sample packs, 6-packs, large bundles, and small bundles. Whether it is for you to snack on, to share with a family, or for a get together with more people, we have what you need.