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About Us



Hi everyone!

I wanted to introduce our little family. I always get asked what made me want to start our business. It’s honestly simple.... I’m a mom, wife, and recovering sugar addict. My weight loss journey has been nothing short of hellacious. Between being an emotional eater, late night binger And handling PPD I found myself at a very unhappy place. Weighing my heaviest I’ve ever been at 213 pounds. At the time I felt like I was stuck. Trying what seems like every diet on the planet to help me lose weight and I was left with Nothing but feeling starving, upset, deprived and guilty! I came across the keto lifestyle and honestly I’ve never felt better in my life. I know what a crazy rollercoaster weight loss or just getting healthy can be. I wanted to create a universal healthy snack/treat that EVERYONE no matter what kind of program or lifestyle they are trying to live can enjoy. Whether you are gluten-free, diabetic, keto, macro counting, calorie counting, etc. our deserts fit into any program! Everyone deserves to treat themselves and NOT feel guilty or ashamed after. That’s what our “guilt-free” deserts are for. They’ll keep you on track instead of totally de-railing you, I hope you all love them!


Xo. The Terrys